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Aboriginal Services

DFWI designs all of its programs to suit each client and specializes in Aboriginal program creation. Sherri is a Metis from Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. Her cultural background, education and project development provides the cultural sensitivity and insight to oversee the objectives of various stakeholders.

Please see the list of current and previous programs designed. Programs such as these can be created to suit you or your bands needs.

Health & Wellness:

  • Cultural Safety
  • Aboriginal Prenatal Wellness Program Model
  • Diabetes Prevention and Management
  • Metis Nurse Access Program

Women’s Health and Wellness:

  • Prenatal Care
  • Education on Healthy Sexual Practices
  • FASD Outreach promotion, prevention and support services
  • Pregnancy-Related Issues
  • Management of Addictions
  • Women’s Wellness

Diabetes Education:

  • Prevention and Management

Job Seeker Services:

  • Workplace Training
  • Case Management
  • Career Development
  • Personal Development

Employer/Corporate Services:

  • Workplace Training
  • Case Management
  • Corporate Services Training
  • Professional Development