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Client Testimonials:

I moved to Camrose in 2008 and it took me three years to find employment. I was referred to Directions For Wellness in May 2011. They advocated for me and were very supportive. They acknowledged that despite my vision and hearing, I am very independent and able. My workplace training was a success. In January 2012 they got me my second job I started data entry part-time as part of their team. They work hard to assist those in need, and I hope to work her for years to come.

I was referred to Directions For Wellness. From the first meeting it was evident that they wanted what was best for me. They would go to prospective employers and champion me and what I could offer their company by hiring me. They also provided follow up’s with me and the employer to see how I am doing and if there is anything that they could do. I know they truly care, believe in and trust my abilities.

I am still loving the travel business. I have been waiting for my diploma so I can bring you a copy of it. I got an email the beginning of last week saying it was being sent out. I will feel much better once I actually have it in my hands. It seems to have been rather long process to wait for results and now to wait for the actual document. I cannot possibly thank you enough for the amazing opportunity that Directions for Wellness gave me!

This program is what Wetaskiwin needs and I am very grateful that I was able to work with them. I feel that the Workplace training program was excellent opportunity for me to train for a career that will help me support my daughter and our journey that we are taking together in life. I would recommend this program to anyone that is looking to learn a new career or start something out of their comfort zone.

About Directions For Wellness
“Dedicated to the promotion of holistic change in peoples lives”

Directions For Wellness Inc. (DFWI) was formed in 1997. We have been providing outstanding program design and delivery in Edmonton and Central Alberta for over sixteen years. DFWI is a cost effective training provider alternative to the larger Public and Corporate Institutions. Our participants’ successes are enhanced by our ability to focus on quality, professional dedication and the importance of community. We believe that all individuals should be provided with the opportunity to increase their capabilities. We are dedicated to the promotion of holistic change in peoples’ lives.

The four divisions of DFWI include Job Seeker Services, Employer/Corporate Services, Health Services and Aboriginal Services. These four divisions may sound very separate but all link together in one form or another. Focusing on both personal and professional aspects in a person’s life helps to succeed in both areas.

Our leaders, Wayne and Sherri Di Lallo have the skills and experience to lead DFWI to help all people be successful in life. Wayne is in charge of the Career Services and Personal & Professional Development divisions. His background focuses on experience in management; Career training. Wayne’s down to earth, methodical management style has developed many flourishing relationships with government, industry, First Nations and various inter agency colleagues. He has been facilitating, designing, coordinating and administering Career and Personal Development programs since 1990. He has been actively involved in delivering programs with Alberta Works (AW) in Wetaskiwin over the last nine years.

Sherri is head of the Health & Wellness and Aboriginal Services divisions. Sherri received Masters in Nursing from Athabasca University on June 8, 2012. Being Metis, Sherri stuck to her roots by focusing on Aboriginal Health after achieving her BScN in 1997 and she continues to advocate for Women’s Wellness. Her passion has always been to ascertain and provide effective and sufficient health services for all people.

Between Wayne, Sherri and members of their team at DFWI, here are several of their major accomplishments:

  • 2013: Received the GoA Alberta Works Employer of Choice Award from the Camrose Chamber of Commerce
  • 2012: Received the Wetaskiwin & District Chamber of Commerce President’s Award for displaying exemplary commitment and dedication to the Wetaskiwin & District Chamber of Commerce and Business Community.
  • 2011: Honored as a member of Stanfords Who’s Who
  • 2010: Wetaskiwin and District Chamber of Commerce Employer of the Year.
  • 2010: Wayne was elected into his third term as the President of the Wetaskiwin and District Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2009: Sherri Implementation of the Aboriginal Women Wellness Clinic with Dr. Badawi
  • 2009: Sherri proposed, developed, implemented and managed the Prenatal Wellness Clinic
  • 2005: Sherri development and implementation of the Aboriginal Prenatal Wellness Program with Dr. Hendriks at the Wetaskiwin Family Medical Practice Clinic.
  • 1997: Development, implementation and administration of the Metis Nurse Nuse program in collaboration with Metis Nation of Alberta and Grant MacEwan College.
  • Sherri co-authored “Diabetes Information to Share With Your Family”.
  • Continuously implements and administers organization development strategies.
  • Specialized knowledge base includes: women’s health, addiction, domestic violence, personal and career development and corporate human resource consulting.