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Employer/Corporate Services

Are you an employer who is looking to improve employee retention, customer service or production? If you answered yes to one or more of these, then DFWI wants to help your company. DFWI works with employers who are willing to hire and train unemployed Albertans who may lack the experience or skills but are driven to succeed in a new career path. If you would like to have DFWI help your company out with employee attraction and retention, we could help you find long-term solutions to the staple of any organization, valued, long-term employees. Find out how we can help through our programs offered and even post your open employment positions through our site.

DFWI programs are funded by the Province of Alberta and/or Government of Canada. These programs provide employment training opportunities to all Albertans to increase their opportunities to their employment situation.

Workplace Training:
DFWI is dedicated to helping employers find the right people to fill the positions required on their team and we even help with the training. Workplace Training is a program funded by the Province of Alberta and Canadian Government. This program provides focused work-site training opportunities to enable individuals to obtain a job and substantially improve their employment situation. Employers who participate in this program help someone find their new path in life and potentially gain a permanent employee that you’re proud to call a member of your team.

Objectives of the Workplace Training Program:

  • To enable unemployed and marginally employed individuals to acquire employability skills, essential skills and occupation-related skills required in the local labour market.; and
  • To assist unemployed and marginally employed Albertans to obtain viable employment that provides increased income and work related benefits.
  • The expected outcome for Workplace Training is employment in the field of training and normally with the employer that provided the training.

Is Your Company Or Organization Eligible?
Are you willing to hire and train unemployed Albertans:

  • Who are over 18 years old?
  • Who lack the experience, skills or training that the positions require?
  • Do you have the ability to train an individual practical on the job skills training?
  • Does the potential to continue employment after On the Job Training or Paid Work Experience is completed?

What you are required to do once a trainee is taken on by your team:

  • Offer full training and guidance on the worksite


  • Employers are compensated 50 to 70 % of the employee’s rate of pay up to a maximum of $390 a week or
  • Employers can be compensated for a three-week Paid Work Experience up to a maximum of $12 an hour.

The Workplace Training Program success is measured by the percentage of individuals in the program reporting:

  • Being employed or in further training;
  • Successful completion of training;
  • Satisfaction with the training;
  • Gaining increased skills; and
  • Achievement of employment related to training.