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Health & Wellness

A major part of leading a successful life is how well you take care of your body, mind and spirit. Directions for Wellness focuses not only on a persons personal and professional development, but also the development of a healthy life. Let us help you find ways to increase your health and wellness. After making even small adjustments, you will see great changes in all aspects of your life.

The Health & Wellness division of DFWI conducts needs assessments and focus groups. We design, create and customize services expressed as needs by communities or funders. We also provide speakers or presentations to explore and enhance your service deliver.

We offer programs and workshops in many areas of health and wellness. Some of these include:

Women’s Health and Wellness:

  • Prenatal Care
  • Education on Healthy Sexual Practices
  • FASD Outreach promotion, prevention and support services
  • Pregnancy-Related Issues
  • Management of Addictions
  • Women’s Wellness

Diabetes Education:

  • Prevention and Management

Current Programs:
DFWI has successfully assessed, created and implemented various Aboriginal initiatives.

Cultural Safety:
The development of cultural safety core competencies and communication strategies for nurses and other health professionals help Aboriginal communities feel safe and supported about their health care. Cultural safe practices help nurses and other professionals reach a point of care that promotes cultural efficacy that supports collaborative relationships and empowers all stakeholders. To understand the history and health disparities of First Nation, Metis and Inuit peoples and to develop an awareness of colonization expressed by Aboriginal people helps individuals explore how addressing cultural safety can change their practice and increases participation by this marginalized populations leading to better health.

Previous Programs:
Aboriginal Prenatal Wellness Program Model:
The Aboriginal Prenatal Wellness Program (APWP) was created to improve prenatal health care to Aboriginal women, providing streamlined access to multiple health care professionals within one clinic and focusing on traditional methodology. Then expanded to the Aboriginal Women’s Wellness Clinic to address which provided health promotion and screening on prenatal care, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, gynecological services and cervical cancer screening.

Diabetes Prevention and Management:
DFWI developed and facilitated PRIADE (Professional Relationships in Aboriginal Diabetes Education. Facilitated workshops on diabetes management, worked with Elders in delivering spiritual component of the program. Developed relationships with Métis and First Nations communities across Northern Alberta to deliver PRIADE and diabetes management workshops, with the Canadian Diabetes Association, First Nation and Inuit Health and Dr. Ellen Toth at the U/A and SLICK Program
Coauthored Diabetes: Information to share with Your Family

Metis Nurse Access Program:
DFWI was headhunted for The Metis Nurse Access Program by developing and implementing a program for recruitment of Métis people into the health care industry. Developed four phase program beginning with grade 12, progressing through various stages of health care careers, and ending with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. Supervised staff, managed business plan, developed and coordinated Métis Nurse Access Program in partnership with Grant McEwan, Alberta Métis Communities, and Métis Nations of Alberta, and Métis Settlements.

DFWI has provided education and information Cultural Safety, Healthy Sexual Practices, Pregnancy-Related Issues and Management of Addictions.