The One on One Employment Services (OOES) project in Wetaskiwin and Camrose has recently been modified to be better serve Albertans. OOES is an innovative comprehensive program design that enables unemployed or marginally employed Alberta residents, aged 18 and older, an opportunity to engage themselves in the labour market. 

OOES individuals will be provided with the skills and support necessary to secure, retain employment thereby improving their quality of life.  OOES now has 4 streams of services to better address job readiness and employability needs.  

Designated Resource Center in Camrose and Wetaskiwin Offices  

The resource center contains a computer lab, a  printer, a fax, telephone access and local labour market information. Drop-Ins are welcomed as no appointment is required.   
Self-Serve and access to Resource Support Worker to assist you by accessing community resources, applying online, locating or completing or  various application forms.                                 

OOES Intake   

The goal of the intake process is to assess your strengths and obstacles preventing you from securing and maintaining employment.  DFW Employment Specialist will then recommend one of the OOES program streams for you to choose as a path to employment.  Appointments are required.

Employment Readiness Services 

Designed for job-ready individuals’ whom require minimal support and are expected to secure employment within 30 days. DFW will provide 30 Days of job maintenance support.  You may also be approved for Short Exposure course funding up to $2500.00

Job Placement Services                          

Designed for job-ready individuals’ who would benefit from Career Counselling, resume edit, Guided Job Search Services.  These individuals’ are expected to secure employment within 12 weeks. DFW provides 90 days job maintenance supports.  

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